Renew: 40 Prayers and Prompts to Power Up Your Life (Bulk Order - 10 Signed Copies)

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Save when you buy in bulk. The RENEW Bundle includes 10 signed paperback copies for you, friends, family, or your prayer/bible study groups! 

This journal is simple on purpose. You can dive in and write every day, a few times a week, or a couple of times a month. The point is to get into the practice of connecting with God personally. Here's what people have said about my previous prayers and journaling prompts:

I really appreciated the prayers and the questions. They made me think and re-evaluate my relationship with God.

There were writing prompts that actually pertained to what I am going through!

The prompts were amazing, and the prayers were too!

The question each day had me thinking and writing my feelings more. Excellent questions.

This guided journal includes three key sections:

REFLECT | Forty prompts exploring what it means to renew will guide you in connecting with God, yourself, and others. Think of these as “conversation starters” to help you uncover answers, guidance, wisdom, and needs that have gone unspoken. You may write two pages, a list, or only a few sentences — go with the flow. Each reflection exercise concludes with scripture as an additional way to connect with God’s word.

REMEMBER | These questions remind you to pause and ponder. Recall examples of God’s presence, faithfulness, and goodness in your life, others’ lives, and the Bible. Uncertainty and challenges can make us feel alone, abandoned, and forsaken. When we remember God’s power and presence, we are strengthened. Also, sometimes when we feel like our prayers and questions are unanswered, we are actually failing to notice patterns and guideposts. This helps you take inventory.

RESPOND | Sometimes, we don’t have the words to say. I encourage you to take some of mine to speak aloud, affirming God’s character, way, and promises. These 40 mini-prayers offer a starting point to continue sharing and talking to God during your devotional time and beyond.