Faith Beats Fear: Grow From Worrier to Warrior (Expanded Edition)

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Faith and fear both ask you to believe in something you can’t yet see. Which voice do you listen to?

Author Lakeshia Poole knows this struggle all too well. Fear tries to convince you that you’re so weak and small that you can’t handle life’s disappointments and challenges. It’s a lie. In Faith Beats Fear, Lakeshia uncovers the truth. God gave you power, love, and a sound mind to act in faith. She breaks down all forms of fear and offers a powerful, practical strategy to help you grow from worrier to warrior in 31 days. In this interactive and engaging devotional, you will read short fiction stories that make you laugh, cry or just nod your head in agreement. You will get real about your fears and reflect on Scriptures that reveal authentic faith. Most of all, you will never answer to fear again.

Get MORE Power, Love, and Sound Mind reminders with the Expanded Edition:

+ Journaling space

+ 31 days of devotional direction and faith exercises

+ 10 inspiring short stories

+ 21 motivating faith notes

+ 4-part discussion guide