Faith Beats Fear Volume I

Faith Beats Fear blends short fiction stories with a 21-day devotional to help you fight fear with power, love, and a sound mind.

Weaved within the Faith Beats Fear devotional are short stories, exploring love, family, and the pursuit of happiness. Whether fighting for unfulfilled dreams, a successful business, or a chance at true romance, the formula for victory remains the same: ACT IN FAITH.

Each day, you'll practice habits of faith:

  • Journaling - face your fears on the page and identify small actions you can take to fight them.
  • Scripture - reflect on the daily Scriptures that address common fears and complement the story themes.
  • Affirmations - speak the faith declarations and repeat them whenever you ‘hear fear’ to stay motivated and on-track.  

This unique compilation of inspirational tales, scripture, and tips is a quick read, but will stick with you beyond the last page, encouraging you to choose faith instead of fear.