About the Faith Beats Fear Book Club

I'll do that tomorrow. I'll spend more time with my family next time. I'll go to school when things quiet down. I'll start my business once life is good. I'll read when I have more time. 

We are almost halfway through 2019. And we both know that the way life goes, one tomorrow leads to another tomorrow and the next thing you know it's a new year. Well, I'm here to help you stop procrastinating...starting with that last one! 

On June 1-July 1, we will read Faith Beats Fear, page-by-page, day-by-day TOGETHER. Before your mind starts talking you out of it, our book club is easy! All you need to do is set aside 15 minutes each day to read -- THAT'S IT! I'll provide a discussion guide and schedule but you can read at your own pace. We'll discuss each day online, so you don't have to fight traffic or get dressed up to attend our 'meetings.' Download your daily schedule and discussion guide. 

Time is flying and you have a purpose to fulfill. Stop letting fear stop, stall, and distract you. The first few months of this year may not have gone how you planned and the next few months make you anxious because so much is uncertain. Now's not the time to give up but to get up! 

Get ready as we move from fear to faith. Don't have a copy of Faith Beats Fear yet? Grab yours today!