#FaithBeatsFear Tip: Set a Reminder


Sometimes we forget. No matter how amazing God has been to us in the past, in a moment of panic, the decision to rest confidently in this history escapes us. I believe there are many ways that we can leverage technology we use every day to give us a boost of faith.

I use the Reminder tool on my phone and set it for those moments that I know are typically busy/hectic. You know what times of the day I’m talking about! For me, it’s usually 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Somehow EVERYBODY seems to need me or some project is calling for my attention. I typically am so caught up in the fire alarms that the reminder is a welcomed whisper: remember God has your back!

If it’s not a time but a place that you know requires an extra dose of faith, you can set reminders to pop up based on the location–at least on an iPhone you can. I’m sure both features are available via Android and other platforms.

Or if you want to go old school, create post-it notes of faith-based scriptures or affirmations to stick around your bedroom/bathroom/office.

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